Nilfisk 118 and Nilfisk 118 L-M-H

Nilfisk 118

Small and light, model 118 meets the different cleaning needs, even when absolute filtration is a must.

Model 118 is a single-phase industrial vacuum for dust and dry materials. One of the smallest industrial vacuum, it is powerful, reliable and can be customised according to the different needs. Available in stainless steel, with absolute filter for the collecting of asbestos or other toxic materials or with nomex filter to collect hot substances.

You can choose this model in L, M or H class version to collect hazardous dust.

  • Small
  • Silent
  • Absolute filter for asbestos or other toxic materials
  • L class filter as a standard
  • Nomex filter for hot substances
  • Easy emptying of the container thanks to the practical release container system.
  • Available in L, M, H version for hazardous dust



Nilfisk 118 Specifications


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