• Comac Ultra 120B Ride On Scrubber Dryer-min
  • Comac Ultra 120B a Ride On Scrubber Drier-min

Suitable for maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning of surfaces up to 20,000 sq. m. Enable to scrub even heavier dirt thanks to the new conception brush head designed with a powerful central motor and belt brushes traction and to the possibility to adjust brushes pressure on three levels up to 168 Kg.

Ultra 100 BS-GS/120 B-G are ride-on scrubbing machines with automatic traction, available in scrubbing-sweeping version with cylindrical brushes of 100 cm working width (Ultra 100 BS-GS) or in scrubbing version with disc brushes of 120 cm working width (Ultra 120 B-G).
Both versions can be provided with battery supply or equipped with gasoline or LPG Honda engine: thanks to this version, with the same performances working autonomy increases enabling to clean bigger areas.

They can be used to clean wide surfaces, even covered ones, in public spaces such as airports or railway stations. 
Ultra 100 BS-GS brush head is equipped with cylindrical brushes of different diameters, thanks to which it is possible to collect even small solid residuals and to convey them in a dirt hopper. The hopper can be easily emptied at the end of cleaning operations, taking it out from the right side. 
Tanks big capacity (280 liters) and the possibility to separately adjust water and detergent flow, increase performances and working autonomy.

Intuitive driving, thanks to the new and fine instrument panel of automotive conception and to the working program selector allowing to chose the most suitable cleaning operation according to real needs.

The scrubbing unit is equipped with two contra-rotating brushes and can laterally come out up to 15 cm (Ultra 120 B version) thanks to a handy joystick and reach dirt along walls or under shelves to convey it in the centre where it will be collected by the central brushes. In this way, machine stops for manual operations are avoided.

Comac designed a system that allows the operator to rotate the squeegee till reaching the horizontal position. In this way squeegee rubber blades can be perfectly cleaned guaranteeing an excellent drying (Ultra 120 B/G)

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