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The Eureka E75 Scrubber Dryer from Eureka

The Eureka E75B is a new, user-friendly battery-powered ride-on scrubber-dryer machine designed by Eureka for the maintenance cleaning of areas up to 8000 square metres, which allows a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning.It is available with 2 polypropylene disks or floor pads which, combined to a speed of 5.3 km/hr, boasts an area coverage of 4000 square metres per hour.Our major aim was to design a compact scrubber drier machine, fast and productive, that can be purchased at a very competitive price. The E75B is therefore a modern alternative to bulky walk-behind or outdated, over sized ride on scrubber-dryer machines.

The E75B ride on scrubber drier machine offers the economic advantage to be used up to four non-stop working hours thanks to the optimisation of energy consumption. The compact size means the machine fits through standard door opening & can be transported in lifts.

E75 guarantees a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning, thanks to an extremely competitive purchase price and a complete set of standard equipment which reduces waste and consumption.

No more time and costs wasted on operator training, thanks to the very simple and user-friendly controls.


Industrial sites, councils, community centres, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping centres, logistical depots, contract cleaners and facilities management.


Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip flooring, porcelain tiles and most other floor types.

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