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ECO-NOMY + ECO-LOGY = labour savings + less water + less detergent

Available in TRAC & ECO versions the Eureka E81 scrubber dryer is a rugged, professional walk-behind, pedestrian scrubber dryer, ideal for cleaning larger floor areas of 3500m2 to 5000m2. It has a cleaning width of 825mm, twin brush deck, which combined with a 4km/hr speed boasts an area coverage of 3300m2/hr.The ECO configuration is equipped with the new, exclusive ECO system (patented), which breaks water economy and detergent saving barriers, and has won several awards (among them, the Veneto Sviluppo Award). The system has been designed to guarantee impressive labour/water/detergent savings, and boasts a productivity rate between 3 and 5 times greater than traditional systems.

With the exclusive Eco system we propose a unique method to utilise water in such a way that you will increase labour productivity and thus reduce time squandered in emptying/refilling operations. Additionally, this permits you to minimise the quantity of both cleaning detergent and water necessary for performing the task. Hence massively increasing productivity and reducing labour.In addition, the Automatic Solution Dosing Device makes sure that the flow of solution is always proportional to the speed of the machine.


Industrial sites, councils, community centres, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping centres, logistical depots, contract cleaners and facilities management.


Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip flooring, porcelain tiles and most other floor types.

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