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The Eureka Magnum is a high dump sweeper designed and manufactured to sweep medium to large floor areas.

The Magnum has a main brush width of 902 mm, a total sweeping path of 1250 mm and a cleaning capacity, at full speed, of 12.500 sqmth.

The hopper, located in front of the machine, can be hydraulically raised up to 1540 mm from the floor, and has a volume capacity of 200 litres.

The structure is particularly strong to allow the machine to perform in industrial areas, while particular attention has been given to the external finish to give a very aesthetically pleasing appearance.

As a result of an accurate analysis of the current sweeper market, Eureka's major aim was to design a tough machine that could be sold at an affordable price, with low operational costs. Therefore, all specifications have been carefully planned in order to satisfy our goal as well as some of the most relevant customers needs.

 Available Versions:

  • MAGNUM HDK with water cooled, three cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • MAGNUM LPG with dual LPG/petrol drive
  • MAGNUM EB EVOLUTION battery driven, 36 V

Fields of Application

Industrial sites, communities and vicinities, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping malls, logistical depots, cleaning companies, and multi services.

Suitable Cleaning Surfaces

Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip surfaces, porcelain tiling, and many other dirty conditions.

Magnum Brochure

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