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The Eureka Picobello 101 sweeper machine is a manual floor sweeper with a total sweeping path of 730 mm. It can sweep up to 2190 square metres per hour, and is therefore more than 10 times faster than a man with a broom. It combines productivity with value for money, and can be used to efficiently sweep small to medium floor areas.

Ideal for the dust-free sweeping of yards, parks, condos, sports clubs, parking lots, warehouses...etc.  


The Picobello 151 combines productivity, simplicity, ecology and value for money. Just like the 101 it can be used to efficiently sweep small to medium floor areas.

The Picobello 151 is a very innovative manual sweeper, as it is equipped with a patented system that enables the complete control of dust, which would otherwise be raised when using any other traditional manual sweepers. Picobello 151 has an unlimited running time, with an integrated vacuum system completely free from batteries, engines or cables, to guarantee ease of use, value for money and respect for the environment. It is also completely silent and 100% ecological.


When the machine is pushed, either forward or reverse, the side wheel activates the main brush and, in addition, a drive shaft connected to the vacuum-fan which enables the suction of dust during the cleaning job. The sweeper is equipped with a cartridge filter, which is made of polyester, to retain small particles of dust. The filter is washable and can be easily removed for maintenance or eventual replacement.


Industrial sites, communities and vicinities, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping malls, logistical depots, cleaning companies, and multi services.


Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip surfaces, porcelain tiling, and many other dirty conditions.

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