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The Eureka XTREMA is a compact, completely hydraulically controlled, high dump sweeping machine designed and manufactured by Eureka to sweep congested areas as well as large floor spaces.

It has a main brush width of 800 mm, a total sweeping path of 1400 mm and a cleaning capacity, at full speed, of 11.900 sq/m/h.

Hydraulically driven traction, container lift, brushes and vacuum fan, enable the Xtrema sweeper to clean the dirtiest floors very rapidly, and keep routine maintenance very simple thus reducing downtime.

The compactness of this sweeper, with its small turning radius (1.600 mm) makes it particularly suitable for sweeping in narrow, confined areas not accessible by larger machines, yet at a speed and productivity of much bigger sweepers.

The price of the XTREMA sweeper will enable users with a small budget to acquire the efficiency of a larger high-dump sweeper at a price they can justify and afford.

Available Versions

  • XTREMA DK with liquid cooled, twin cylinder diesel engine
  • XTREMA EB battery powered, 24VFields of 

Fields of Application

Industrial sites, communities and vicinities, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping malls, logistical depots, cleaning companies, and multi services.

Suitable Cleaning Surfaces

Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip surfaces, porcelain tiling, and many other dirty conditions...

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