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Here at CFM North East Ltd. we are the leading supplier of refurbished equipment to the end user and to the trade. We refurbish quality equipment to the highest of standards.

We also supply delivery and training, so there are no cleaning delays!

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- FAQS -

Why should I purchase a refurbished machine?

A refurbished machine works in exactly the same way as a new machine. All of our refurbished machinery is fitted with quality parts that have passed all the set standards to ensure the machine is in perfect working condition. Our talented engineers also clean the machines up so they look as good as new. There are also massive savings to be had from purchasing a refurbished machine, as they can cost more than half as much as a new machine. 

Does a refurbished machine require more maintenance?

No, our refurbished machines are as good as new. All floor cleaning machines require a similar amount of maintenance. We recommend a service at least every six months to ensure it maintains performance and efficiency. It is wise to always empty the dirty water tank after each use and clean the filters on a regular basis. Also, remember to check the scrubber pads, squeegee blades or brushes frequently so that you can detect any wear and tear.