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Our extensive range of floor scrubber driers will wash, scrub and dry your floors with ease!

With plenty on offer you can guarantee to find the perfect floor scrubber dryer to meet your requirements. From the smallest electric pedestrian scrubber drier, ideal for smaller floor areas, to the largest sit-on scrubber drier powered by battery, LPG petrol or diesel, for the slightly larger floor areas, we have plenty to choose from. 

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Eureka Scrubber Dryer
Viper Scrubber Dryer
Nilfisk Scrubber Dryer

You can trust Nilfisk scrubber dryers to have maximum lifespan, low maintenance and service cost and extreme ease of use.

Eureka Scrubber Dryer

The range of Eureka's industrial floor scrubbers are ideal for the thorough cleaning and maintenance of small, medium and large areas. These floor scrubbing machines are available either walk behind or ride on.

i-mop Scrubber Dryer

The first of its kind, the i mop solves the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers.

Find out more on the imop by visiting i-team globals website here

Fimap Scrubber Dryer

The Fimap walk-behind scrubbing machine range is able to clean small to medium surfaces, even cluttered.

The Fimap ride-on scrubbing machines guarantee excellent cleaning performances on medium to large surfaces up to 30.000 sq.m.

Comac Scrubber Dryer

A full range of walk behind & ride-on scrubber driers from Comac