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Our range of  innovative industrial vacuum solutions includes powerful fixed and mobile vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuum systems, and dust containment systems for the removal of any type of production waste, both liquid and solid and pneumatic conveyors for the transportation of materials from one place to another.

Single-phase or three-phase, compressed air or battery powered, our industrial vacuum cleaners can collect wet or dry material, combustible dust, and toxic or very fine powder, in any type of industry. Nilfisk industrial vacuums are third-party certified in compliance with European and American Directives, i.e. ACD, ATEX etc

Beyond the Dirt: The Power and Purpose of Industrial Vacuums

They're the workhorses of the cleaning world, tackling demanding tasks in factories, construction sites, and other harsh environments

Built for Brutal Environments:

  • Unmatched Suction Power: Unlike their household counterparts, industrial vacuums boast heavy-duty motors and advanced filtration systems, generating high suction power to handle large debris, heavy dust, and even liquids.
  • Durability Reigns: Constructed with sturdy materials like steel and reinforced plastics, they withstand the rigors of industrial settings, enduring bumps, drops, and exposure to harsh elements.
  • Specialized Features: From HEPA filters for hazardous materials to explosion-proof designs for flammable environments, industrial vacuums come equipped to address specific cleaning challenges.

Beyond Cleaning, They Protect:

  • Maintaining Safety: Industrial vacuums play a crucial role in dust control, preventing the spread of harmful airborne particles that could compromise worker health and product quality.
  • Process Efficiency: By effectively removing debris from machinery and production lines, they help prevent equipment failures and ensure smooth operation, boosting productivity.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Advanced filtration systems in industrial vacuums capture and contain hazardous materials, minimizing their environmental impact.

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