Nilfisk T40WPLUS SPECIAL – Brand New Industrial Vacuum

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£ 7,905.16

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£ 4,995

price excludes VAT and carriage where applicable

This Model of the T40W Plus machine comes with Remote Stop/Start Facility.

The kit allows the automatic switching on and off of the vacuum cleaner simultaneously with the machine tool when they are connected. This can occur in three different ways:

a) The vacuum gets switched on by contact without electricity “potential free contact”.

b) The vacuum gets switched on with a 24V contact.

c) The vacuum gets switched on with a 230V contact.



  • Energy-saving, as the vacuum cleaner is switched on only when the machine is working.
  • Noise level reduction, because the vacuum cleaner is on (and makes noise) only when the machine is working.
  • Optimization of operators’ time as one no longer needs to personally attend to the machine in order to switch it on or off.

Working in a safe and clean place is extremely important. Following this philosophy, the range of industrial vacuums TPLUS has been designed to provide manufacturing companies with high and certified safety standards. The new series of three phase industrial vacuums complies with EN 60335-2-69 – Annex AA and with ATEX directive 94/9/EC.

The T40WPLUS with a 4kW side-channel blower in parallel for a high airflow.

The TPLUS industrial vacuum offers the most innovative functional features granting benefits to the operators from the start: ·

This target has been achieved thanks to the following features: · the container is removable and fitted with wheels to make disposal operations easier; · the large wheels allow to easily move the vacuum also on uneven grounds; · the vacuum gauge monitors filtration efficiency; · the filter shaker makes filter cleaning fast and easy, cutting maintenance time.

The easiness of use of TPLUS makes cleaning operations more efficient and rapid, using less resources.




Frequency (Hz)


Voltage (V)


Rated power (kW)


IP Protection class


Insulation class


Sound pressure level (dB(A))


Airflow without hose (l/min)


Vacuum max (kPa)


Inlet (mm)


Main filter area (cm2)


Dimensions L x W x H (cm)

129 x 60 x 164

Weight (kg)



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