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CS700 is a ride-on sweeper devised to offer maximum user-friendliness and great comfort for the operator. Extremely robust and reliable, CS700  was designed to offer great productivity and effective, affordable cleaning.

•Two types of power supply: battery-powered or gasoline to meet different cleaning requirements
•Maneuverable and handy
•Two types of unloading, manual or automatic, able to unload at up to 1.25 m above the ground
•Available upon request in versions with one or two side brushes
•Intuitive driving and simple controls
•In the battery-powered version, the various functions (such as brushes or traction) are activated by specific motors
•The autonomy of the battery-powered version can be up to 4 hours, or 20,000 sq.m. cleaned, emission free
•Unlimited autonomy for version with internal combustion engine
•Vacuum bypass to clean the filter or work on damp surfaces
•Floating, self-adjusting, cusp shape central brush (hydraulic movement in combustion version), always in contact with the ground
•Brush system that allows you to always maintain constant performance, even if the brush wears out, and thus helps decrease energy consumption
•On the battery-powered version, the whole battery/motor compartment is protected against dust penetration, with maximum accessibility for the electrical system, positioned in a protected area in the front part of the machine.
•The versions with internal combustion engine (CS700 H and CS800H) are equipped with a complete hydraulic system and have no electronic circuit boards to increase reliability and ensure the utmost peace of mind when working in particularly dirty conditions
•Vacuumed and filtered air comes out through the rear grille positioned in a very high area. In this way, the dust deposited on the surface around the machine is not lifted, guaranteeing excellent cleaning results
•The CS700 and CS800 sweepers are available with panel filter as standard
•Panel filter: for standard applications, easily replaced with no need for tools
•Fabric filter (optional): excellent filtering results also in environments with presence of very fine dust
•Extremely easy to replace filtering system so that the sweeper can be adapted to different work environments
•Central brush can be taken off without any tools
•All the components are easy to access, to carry out checks and maintenance practically and quickly
•The battery-powered versions can have an on-board battery charger
•Blinking light kit to increase safety by indicating that the machine is passing
•Overhead guard kit to protect the operator
•Emergency button to immediately stop the machine and all active functions in an emergency




Max theoretical productivity

up to 6300 sqm/h

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

1600 x 1310 x 940

Working width with central brush

700 mm

Working width with side brush

875 mm

Working width with two side brushes

1050 mm

Side brush

400 mm



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